Portfolio: One Fine Pallet

Anand's Tech Support designed a functional and aesthetically pleasing website to meet the needs of One Fine Pallet. We also designed an inventory management system to support their trading business.

What has Anand's Tech Support provided?

Anand's Tech Support took One Fine Pallet's brief of a simple yet beautiful website and created something that included all the information the company wanted whilst also looking stunning. The website was designed to supplement the company's ethos and selling style. It takes a combination of the company colours as well as the company's tagline and incorporates them both into a website that supplements the product and the experience. The website provided a simple 3 click route to the point of purchase which we loved as it made the whole experience for the customer that bit easier!

One Fine Pallet also needed an inventory management system. With a variety of products and SKUs, they needed a simple system in which, when inventory was produced, it could be easily added to the databse. Then when the product was sold, a simple three digit code could be used to input the sales. Not only did this simplify the selling process at trade fairs, but it also ensured that financial reports could be automatically produced based on the volume of products sold. It simplified the whole selling and financial reporting process, streamlining the business.

Check out their site at www.onefinepallet.co.uk

One Fine Pallet Testimonial:

Our team was short on creative inspiration for our website - all we knew was we wanted a website. Anand's Tech Support came in and fully exceeded our expectations in the service and quality afforded to our site. His speedy response to our emails and rapid design meant we had our website up and running within four weeks, something we never envisioned being possible.

Our sales growth would not have been possible without Anand's Search Engine Optimisation Skills or Social Media Know-How. We would recommend Anand's Tech Support without a second thought.

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